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Topless models used to slow down speeding traffic in Russia

TWO hot models go topless in a bid to slow down speeding traffic in Russia.

The girls posed wearing nothing but underwear and knee-high boots as they held up signs at passing cars.

GIRLS posed wearing nothing but undies and knee-high boots for police-backed idea to cut driver speeds.

The stunt - which was supported by local cops in the Nizhniy Novgorod area, east of Moscow - was intended to cut speeds by catching the attention of drivers.

And according to news outlets in Russia, it was a success - although most of those who slowed down were men.

The topless girls sprang into action every time a vehicle passed going at more than 40mph - the maximum limit in Russian cities.

The trial was said to be the idea of the public organisation 'Autodvijenie' ahead of September 1 rule changes which mean drivers will only face fines if they exceed limits by 20km/h instead of the existing 10 km/h ruling.


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