Whether Terry Gou may reti

calendar_today2019-04-16 19:04:39

▲ Terry Gou had planned to retire after 50 years of work.
▲ Terry Gou had planned to retire after 50 years of work.
Hon Hai’s (2317-TW) chairman Terry Gou was interviewed at a conference on the 40th anniversary of the Taiwan Relations Act (TRA) today on 16th. He told that he has been working for 45 years and its time to  “learn to let go". He had planned to retire after 50 years of work. However, he was thinking about what he could do for this society and this country recently. He is considering whether to run for Taiwan's 2020 presidential election and it needs days of thinking.

Guo pointed out that more works should be given to young people who has to learn and grow. Not only the young people in Hon Hai, but more of them in Taiwan needs to be helped. He also mentioned that Yung-ching Wang, the founder of the Formosa Plastics Group, also walked back to the second line before.

He stressed that in any case, it is necessary to help Taiwan and young people. In the past, trade relations between Taiwan and the United States, cooperation with Japan, investment in India and South Asia have all continued to be promoted, and now they should be expanded more.

Yesterday (15th), Guo told that in between April-May the company will give the new list of board members to the board to strengthen the management. He will still participate and decide for the company's general direction decisions in the future but would not be involved in the daily operations. People can't help but think that Guo might retire early to run for the president.

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